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Fanning Island Fly Fishing

Fanning Island Fly Fishing

September 17, 2017 by

On my last trip to Christmas Island a friend and local guide Mwatanga aka Matt that guides at Crystal Beach. I'm sure some of you fished with him and know he's a super guide. Mwatanga was born and Fanning Island. He was talking to me about fishing on Fanning. He's said the fishing there is spectacular, little is known and there isn't really any fishing lodges except for a small motel ran by Bruno and looks to be the best accommodation on the island. It only can accommodate 6 guest. Fanning is the next island from Christmas Island in the republic of Kiritibati. To get there you have to fly from Honolulu to Christmas Island and lay over for on Christmas for 1 night and take a air Kiritibati to Fanning. Giving you a the chance to fish Christmas for a week as well. Mwatanga is looking to take adventurous anglers there. He's been sending me photos of the island. I'm hoping to get there next year sometime.

Fanning Island Bonefish

Fanning Fly Fishing guide

Fanning Island Golden trevally

Fanning Island Fly Fishing lodge

Fanning Island Accomdation

Fanning Island

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